elemental greens

As a local farm using the Elemental Greens standard of growing microgreens, we are committed to transparency.  To support that transparency, we list every ingredient we use to grow our varieties and blends.  We use 3 inputs in our production to ensure that our greens are bursting with flavor, vibrant with color, and loaded with nutrients.  Our OMRI certified coconut coir acts as the host for quality seed and triple-filtered water to conduct their magic.  Our greens never come in contact with pesticides or fertilizers!


Triple Filtered Water

Microgreens are sensitive to the water we feed them.  As the first root, known as the radicle,  begins to emerge from the seed shell, it's primary function is to absorb water while it begins to anchor the plant body.  Our urban farm utilizes bottom watering techniques to minimize any contact with the edible stem and leaves. We use municipal water sources triple-filtered to ensure that any water that may contact your greens is safe enough to drink.  


High Quality Seed

The entirety of flavor and nutrients in microgreens are contained in the seed itself.  We don't add any fertilizers!  To bring the best possible greens to market, we start with the best suppliers.  Each supplier is independently certified to provide non-GMO seeds and we purchase organic varieties when available.


Coconut Coir Mix

We use OMRI certified coconut coir mixed with perlite, an amendment made from super heated volcanic rock.  Our blend retains the right amount of water and will quickly drain any excess.   Microgreens are prone to damping off, a biotic stress attributed to overly wet growing media.