Do fertilizers taste good?

Warning_ Do Not Swallow.png

The short answer is no.  And, the most common warning on fertilizer labels, both conventional and organic, is a stern, bold-typed statement: DO NOT SWALLOW. 

Microgreens are a tender vegetable harvested at 2-5 inches tall after just a few weeks of growth.  No matter the amount of care that goes into harvesting these greens, it is nearly impossible to prevent cross-contact with the growing medium.  To that end, it's important for nutrition, taste, and food safety to eliminate any potential hazards in the growing process.  After deep research and conversations with horticultural experts, we developed our elemental greens growing standard to eliminate fertilizers from the process.  Instead we focused on developing our own coconut coir mix which allows for the true taste of microgreens to develop with filtered water and the correct spectrum of light.  We don't add any fertilizers!  

Come visit us in Denver at Union Station Farmers Market on Saturdays and Highland Square on Sundays.  And, soon, we'll combine our greens with other high quality vendors in a conveniently packaged and delivered Market2Go service.

Harlan BlynnComment